Various Types of Valve

     • Pressure Reducing Valve
     • Gate Valve
     • Globe Valve
     • Swing Check Valve
     • Ball Valve , etc


With various brand :
MBW, etc


  Type Diameter Spacing Length Kg/sheet
  M10 10mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 96.56
  M 9 9 mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 78.22
  M 8 8 mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 61.80
  M 7 7 mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 47.31
  M 6 6 mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 34.76
  M 5 5 mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 24.14
  M 4 4 mm 150mm 5.40m x 2.10m 15.45


Items List :

  • Besi Strip (Flat Bars)
  • Plat Kapal (Ship Plate)
  • Plat Hitam (Hot Rolled Steel Sheets)
  • Plat Alumunium (Alumunium Plate)
  • Besi Beton Spiral (Deformed Bars)
Besi Beton (Mild Steel Round Bars)
  • Plat Bordes (Checkered Plate)
  • Kanal C (Lip Channel C)
  • Kanal U (Channel UNP)
  • Besi Siku (Angle Bars)
  • Besi WF (Wide Flange)
  • Besi H Beam
  • Plat lubang (with variety of hole size)


PVC Pipe
• Seamless Pipe
• Stainless Pipe
• Galvanized Pipe, etc


 Carton Box
 Plastic (Plastic, Gabang)
 Plastic Roll (120 x 100 meter/roll)
 Plastic PE, etc

  Chemical Products

   We also supply various type of chemical products, such as:


 CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonat)
 H2SO4, etc

  Electrical Products

   Electrical products with various type and brand, such as :

 Cable NYY and other types
 Magnetic Contactor, etc

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